Burgh and Schoenenberger Associates Home Page Burgh and Schoenenberger Associates sells, calibrates, leases, and services instrumentation and products for the clean water and wastewater industries and performs flowdata studies. Schoenenberger Associates Certification Inc. offers a full range of clean air certification services for laminar flow hoods, biological safety cabinets, BSL3 environments, fume hoods, animal cages, and clean rooms. We certify and decontaminate ceiling units, scrubbers, glove boxes, incubators, and isolators.

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Waste and Clean Water
Burgh and Schoenenberger Associates can meet all of your instrumentation needs for monitoring and control systems for liquid flow. We have extensive experience in municipal clean water and wastewater, as well as industrial applications such as food sauces, rinse water from manufacturing processes, research facilities, military bases, stormwater sewers, and run-off from roads and airports. We work closely with engineering services and environmental engineers, treatment plant operators, quality control specialists, contractors, and maintenance crews to ensure that process equipment choices are optimal. We service what we sell, and offer supervisory startup.

Calibration service is available for all equipment either on a scheduled or as-needed basis, using factory certified technicians. In addition, many control systems can be rented or leased. We also provide engineering flowdata studies, supplying equipment, installation, removal, data collection, and basic reports. Another service provided is the testing of hydrant flow rate (residual flow), of interest to water distribution systems.

We carry an impressive array of top quality samplers, dataloggers, manholes, shelters, flowmeters, metering pumps, instrumentation probes, liquid measurement, and data acquisition equipment to assure that our customers’ needs are met.

View our list of products, the manufacturers we represent, and the territory we cover.

  • SAMPLERS - Toxic, pressure, VOC, portable and stationary wastewater, organic, metal,
    and TOC.
  • FLOWMETERS: OPEN CHANNEL – Ultrasonic, pressure, bubbler, level data acquisition,
    area velocity.
  • FLOWMETERS: CLOSED PIPE – Doppler, transit time, magnetic.
  • FLUMES AND WEIRS – Parshall, H-flume, Palmer-Bowlus, cutthroat, Thel-Mar, trapezoidal.
  • FIBERGLASS SHELTERS AND BUILDINGS – insulated and uninsulated, instrument covers.
  • PACKAGED METERING MANHOLES – H2O loading, off-highway type.
  • DATALOGGERS AND SOFTWARE – Easy Logger, plant operation, Palm Handheld, flow management, level management, water profiling.
  • INSTRUMENTATION – Load monitors (BOD, TOC, Nitrates, Nitrites), conductivity, pressure, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen recorders and controllers, residual Chlorine, suspended solids analyzers, meteorological station, SCADA alarm monitoring systems, streaming current analyzers, liquid particle counters, parameter recorders.
  • INLINE DILUTION SYSTEMS – Liquid polymer, Ferric, Alum, other chemicals.
  • GATES, STAINLESS STEEL AND FIBERGLASS – Stop, Titeseal, slide, custom manual or motorized, telescoping valves.
  • METERING PUMPS – Diaphragm.
  • RAIN GAUGES – Logging.
  • LEVEL INSTRUMENTATION – Guided wave radar ultrasonic capacitance.


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